Sheets WASM & TypeScript

This change happened at an unfortunate time. 12,000 of my Google colleagues were laid off last Friday. This is a terrible situation and I can't imagine what those affected are going through. If you were laid off, from Google or elsewhere, feel free to reach out. I will do whatever I can to help.

JS, TS, and WebAssembly logos

I've had a great first year on Sheets, working on the Connected Sheets team and contributing to the launch of the Looker for Sheets feature. However we're wrapping up significant development work on this feature, so i'm transitioning over to the Sheets Performance & Scale team!

I'm very excited to start working on the core parts of Google Sheets and making the app better for it's millions of users. One project I'll be contributing to is the experimental migration of the Sheets calculation engine to WebAssembly (or more accurately, WASM-GC). Check out this Developer Keynote for more info. This is a great project and carries a special importance for me because outside of Google, I'm a maintainer on the wasmCloud project[1] which also uses WebAssembly.

Getting to work on two innovative WebAssembly projects is awesome and I'm thankful to everyone involved in the WebAssembly ecosystem, the Google Sheets team, and the wasmCloud team for making these projects possible.

I'm also just beginning to design a migration of the Sheets JavaScript codebase to TypeScript. This is a massive undertaking, but I'm hopeful we will be able to pull it off successfully under the guidance of the excellent technical leadership on the Sheets & broader Editors teams. This is a really exciting project and one I've been hoping to do since I joined the team, so it's great to start working on it!

That's it from me for now. I promise to write here more frequently in 2023!

  1. wasmCloud is a CNCF project using WebAssembly, Rust, and Elixir to create a next generation development ecosystem with a focus on security, portability, and developer experience. ↩︎

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